Monday, March 5, 2012

First Birth of the Spring

     The news for today is babies! One of our dairy goats, Jeri, had four -- that's right, four kids this afternoon. Unfortunately, one was stillborn, but we still have two boys and a girl down in the barn getting used to goat life. For the time being, Jeri isn't producing much milk, nor is she letting her kids suckle, so we're going to be bottle feeding them three times a day. We got to teach them to suckle, and give them some instant energy, by giving them honey off of our fingers, and since they're all so small and it's still pretty chilly up here, we cut up some socks and made pretty stylish cardigans. Here's some pictures -- I got excited.

Drying off the babies

Checking out her new arrivals

Me and a kid

Getting fitted for his sweater

I think he looks like an ivy league rugby player
  This is the first birth of any kind that I've gotten to be around, and I already feel protective of all three of them. Maybe when they get older and less innocent I won't feel like such a parent, or maybe when there's 20 other babies running around this place I won't dote on them so much, but for today they're pretty special.

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