Monday, October 28, 2013

The Dogs Of Run4TheRed......

I thought it might be nice to introduce some of our key canine athletes. After all, they are the stars of the show, without which we would not be on this crazy adventure. Here are a few of our babies, in no particular order!
Here is Elvis. He is a steady worker, happy to run in any position on team. He will lead when needed but prefers a life of less stress in point. He is quite the love, too. Always happy to give smooches and climb in your lap. Below is a picture of him doing just that with his good friend, Ron (at a much younger age, of course)

This is Tori. Tori will be joining the team in the future, for now we just use her as ballast! Tori is short for Torrent, and we named her that because she was born during the flooding that SW Colorado experienced this fall.

And here is Boss. Boss is, well, Bossy. But that's not where the name came from-he is named for Bruce Springsteen. His fancy name is Ch Quinault's Born To Run WTDX, but we just call him Bossy-Boss. He is the hardest working dog on the team, always pulling and never happy to be still. He is the first one to be ready to go after a rest period, and the last one to want to stop. He is also the sire to many hard working dogs, both for us and on other musher's teams.
And BTW-Boss is available for sponsorship! 
Boss-hollering, which is his "default" when he is not running
Boss wearing his crazy-face at the start of a race
And here he is, all cleaned up so you can see that he can look pretty too!

More later....I will try to feature one or two dogs each week.

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  1. I love the crazy-face pic. Can't wait to see more!